Why a blog?

I give up, easily.
Anything. Everything.
Because of a lack of confidence.

People won't like me, laugh at me, think I'm stupid.
That is why my entire life I hid away, in dark clothes.
Black, dark blue or grey.
Anything to make me invisible.

I never used make-up in high school because I didn't know how.
My hair was always the same because I had no idea what to do with it (ponytail, tightly pulled back, in case you're curious).

When I was 18 I got married and I wanted a change.
I wanted the real me to come out.
But I still had no clue how.

At 26 I started this blog.
So that I wouldn't give up, wouldn't forget where I was going.

This is my journey, feel free to walk it with me, every step of the way.
All my failures, all my mistakes.
But also my winnings, my happy moments and my bliss.
I'll be honored to have you with me.


ShoppingPosted by Fashiondisaster Tue, April 01, 2014 10:24:42
My husband's son is going to India.
It's his big son.
From a previous marriage.

He is 28.
He traveled to India two years ago.
And he fell in love.
With an Indian girl.

She is pretty and lovely.
An actress.
A famous one.
In India.

They've been chatting, texting and e-mailing for the past two years.
He's been doing our heading talking about her.
And now he's going back.

And, of course, he wants to go with a gift.
Coming empty handed, after two years.
It just doesn't seem appropiate.

But what do you buy a girl?
It's hard, even when you know her well.
He saw her two days, two years ago.

He decided he wanted to buy a blanket.
Because she's always cold.
Not just any blanket.
No, one with Snoopy on it.
Saved with stamps.
From a supermarket.

Did I mention he's wildley in love with her?
And that she is living with a man?
Who she loves?

So, he has to conquer her heart.
He wants to conquer her heart.

With a blanket.
Of Snoopy.
Saved with stamps.
In the local supermarket.

Would you fall for that?

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