Why a blog?

I give up, easily.
Anything. Everything.
Because of a lack of confidence.

People won't like me, laugh at me, think I'm stupid.
That is why my entire life I hid away, in dark clothes.
Black, dark blue or grey.
Anything to make me invisible.

I never used make-up in high school because I didn't know how.
My hair was always the same because I had no idea what to do with it (ponytail, tightly pulled back, in case you're curious).

When I was 18 I got married and I wanted a change.
I wanted the real me to come out.
But I still had no clue how.

At 26 I started this blog.
So that I wouldn't give up, wouldn't forget where I was going.

This is my journey, feel free to walk it with me, every step of the way.
All my failures, all my mistakes.
But also my winnings, my happy moments and my bliss.
I'll be honored to have you with me.


FashionPosted by Fashiondisaster Mon, August 17, 2015 15:06:00
There is a new trend,
It's been going on for a while,
I tried to ignore it,
But now I have to speak up.

I keep reading about people giving off,
On other people,
For buying clothes in cheap stores.

I buy clothes in cheap stores.
Like Primark,
Or Action.

I don't buy there because I enjoy it,
I'd rather buy well made pieces,
Like those people that keep shouting I should,
But I can't.

My bankaccount won't let me.
That's not my fault.
I work,
I do my best.

Why does it get criticized?
Do they really care about the poor kids making the clothing?
Or is something more going on?

A few days ago I bought my daughter two sweatpants,
For 6 euro's,
Two for 6 euro's.

They have zebra prints,
Are modern and cute.
But most importantly,
She loves them,
They are comfortable,
And she wears them.
(She is a skirt and dresses girl)

And isn't that what's important about fashion?
That we love what we wear?
That it expresses who we are,
What we feel?

And sure,
I'm all for people that want to change the circumstances,
That some children have to work in.
Go for it.
Make that change,

But don't judge us,
The little people,
Who are struggling to survive,
Doing the best they can.

I promise,
When my bankaccount allows it,
I'll make the same change,
But until then,
Don't judge me,
I'm doing the best I can.

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