Why a blog?

I give up, easily.
Anything. Everything.
Because of a lack of confidence.

People won't like me, laugh at me, think I'm stupid.
That is why my entire life I hid away, in dark clothes.
Black, dark blue or grey.
Anything to make me invisible.

I never used make-up in high school because I didn't know how.
My hair was always the same because I had no idea what to do with it (ponytail, tightly pulled back, in case you're curious).

When I was 18 I got married and I wanted a change.
I wanted the real me to come out.
But I still had no clue how.

At 26 I started this blog.
So that I wouldn't give up, wouldn't forget where I was going.

This is my journey, feel free to walk it with me, every step of the way.
All my failures, all my mistakes.
But also my winnings, my happy moments and my bliss.
I'll be honored to have you with me.

Hair. Again.

HairPosted by Fashiondisaster Mon, July 23, 2012 17:02:10
Hi everyone,

I went to Holland yesterday and found a total new variety of hair products, they were all natural and they made me very greedy...

I restrained myself and bought only one, yes one, unbelievable right?

It's called Henna Cure and it restores the hair, it has vitamin E, jojoba, silk and natural henna in it.

The product is especially for dry and damaged hair and promises a better structure, more shine, more volume and (the best of all I think) you can us it every day wether it is on dry or wet hair.

Fell in love and it costed me only 2,50 euro.

To be on the safe side I tested it on my daughter's hair, she's 5 and her hair feels really dry.

The woman in the shop told me that should use only a very tiny bit of the product and it would make my hair really soft.

It worked unbelievably well!

I could feel my daughter's hair getting softer while I was putting the product on, the volume increased and she has a beautiful shine.

It gives me a better vibe then the well known brands because it's natural but still affordable.

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